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Revolutionising injury and first aid reporting in the sport & leisure sector

A dynamic app that records incidents and injuries, and action taken as a result

About the app


Our dynamic app records incidents & injuries and action taken as a result, producing permanent, ultra-secure records to evidence treatment and care given


Rich aggregated data creates powerful insights and trends, empowering changes, improvements, and developments at all levels of your organisation and sector


We help organisations with a youth offering to keep parents and carers informed - in real time - about accidents & injuries affecting their children & young people

Players and participants

Upload lists of players and participants, and allocate them to their coaches or leaders


Area of injury

Identify the injured area(s) from the head to toe list, then select from the comprehensive list of signs, symptoms and conditions

Focus on head injuries

Every single report checks on whether an injury to the head has been sustained; users can record the smallest of bumps to serious signs and symptoms of concussion


Treatment and care given

Use the free text areas to describe the incident, the treatment given and any recommended follow up

Photo/video evidence

Option to take photos/videos of injury pre & post treatment, or to evidence environmental factors that contributed to the incident or injury

Youth sport and leisure

Parents and carers receive a summary of the incident, injury, treatment and any recommendations e.g. to visit A&E or the minor injury unit

Ultra secure

Built on a rock-solid, highly secure, sophisticated and scalable platform for clear insights from rich, aggregated data


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About us

About us

Hi, I’m Yvonne and I’m so happy to welcome you to my Second 47!

I’ve always had a strong vision for this business, but things did not go smoothly at first! Having successfully secured investment and a leading technology partner, the First 47 years of my life imploded when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.


I said to my consultant “I am only halfway through my life. I have a wonderful husband and three beautiful children. Please, do whatever you need to do to me so that I can live the second half”. What followed truly was so, so tough – round after round of gruelling surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments; it was immensely difficult for me and my family but - exactly one year later - we showed breast cancer the door!

So, this is my Second 47 and I won’t waste a moment! And I’m delighted you’re here, because this app is going to revolutionise injury and first aid reporting within the children’s & young people’s sport and leisure sector.

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So how did this app come about? When I was volunteer Welfare Officer and Club Secretary for my son’s youth football club, I realised youth coaches administer first aid at nearly every training session and fixture, but don’t have a standardised mechanism for recording what treatment or recommendations they give. Not a problem when everything goes right, but a pretty big problem if something goes wrong…


I’d been providing school first aiders with accident books since 2015 but the pupil accident book I’d devised didn’t meet the needs of a youth coach, so I created Pitch Pad - an accident and injury record book for youth coaches and leaders. But I knew an app would be more user-friendly and produce a digital audit trail and powerful insights to identify areas for improvement in practice and guidelines.

I successfully pitched to Andy Reynolds, an experienced digital entrepreneur & CEO with a successful track record in the health wellness and fitness industry. He’s the founder of Revitalised, the company behind the market-leading employee wellbeing platform “WellbeingZone”, and he took that business from start-up through to acquisition in 2017 by Maximus Inc. Now the CEO of RoadtoHealth Group, Well Comm Solutions and Well School Solutions, Andy brings the experience and knowledge gained in all these markets to support me as I create a compelling digital solution that drives value for all stakeholders.

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Check out our app specifically for schools



A dynamic app that records incidents and injuries, and action taken as a result


Produce permanent, ultra-secure records to evidence treatment and care given


Organisations with a youth offering can keep parents and carers informed, in real time, about accidents, injuries, and treatment


Rich aggregated data creates powerful insights on trends to identify areas for improvement in practice and guidelines, and inform changes, improvements and developments at all levels across the organisation and sector

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